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ServGate Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009 by Maik Heinelt as Web Art Japan. Located in Ichinomiya, Japan,
ServGate originally worked in web design, shell and Ruby scripting and database.
Our primary focus is on building custom systems for situations where a
packaged solution will not work. In order to do this effectively, we work
very closely with our customers defining what the system must do,
and building systems with a high degree of flexibility to adapt to changing conditions.
We currently build and maintain a wide variety
of systems including e-commerce, inventory control,
sales force automation, logistics management, and e-learning.

Our customers consist of both domestic and  foreign companies with as few as 2 employees to several hundred,
and are involved in a diver se range of businesses.


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Servgate Co., Ltd.
491-0835 Aichi, Ichinomiya
Azura 1-11-14
TEL: +81-(0)586-81-7250
FAX: +81-(0)586-81-7251


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