Servgate uses the open source control panel ISPConfig, which allows you to access a range of our services:

  • Email accounts, spam settings, email aliases, forwarders, filters and vacation autoreplies (some of these can also be configured via the Roundcube webmail client)
  • Your hosting domains, including backup settings

The Control Panel is setup in a master-slave configuration, which means that all our different servers are configured from one ISPConfig master server. This means you do not need to care about on which server your website is hosted – all is managed from one place.

Login to your Control Panel account

Servgate will have provided you with the login credentials for your Control Panel account. Open the URL Servgate has provided to access the Control Panel and login using your credentials.

 After logging in, you should see the ISPConfig dashboard:

The dashboard gives you access to the services available to you:

  • Home: General overview of the server and server status
  • Sites: configuration options for domains and hosting space
  • Email: configuration options for email, email aliases and forwarders, plus spam settings, filters, and autoreplies.
  • DNS: configuration options for DNS zones 
  • Tools: Here you can change your password, the interface language or the default view you get after logging in.


Below the icons for the modules available you will see your different hosting spaces and the respective quotas, and further down more information on email and other accounts. This is just for information purposes.