Our products

Servgate Corporation is an importer/exporter, wholesaler, and online retailer of computer/server components, network appliances, and computer accessories.

  • Our products include:
  • Single and redundant ATX, 1U, and 2U power supply units
  • Active and passive CPU coolers
  • Rack-mount server chassis and computer cases
  • Water cooling solutions
  • Network appliances
  • Computer accessories

We are sole distributors as well as representatives for various international vendors in Japan.

Alongside the products we offer, we provide localization, translation, marketing, sales, and support services for quality products and brands.


Domestic (Japan) and international shipping available. From our warehouse in central Japan, we ship to customers throughout Japan and around the world.

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Hardware and other products are available from our online shops at:

Whatever your IT needs, we’d be happy to discuss them with you. Please call us (+81-586-81-7250) or contact us any time.

Pippy (Craft goods)

Through our Pippy store, we also offer a variety of imported craft goods, primarily from Europe.

Our craft goods include leading brands of paper napkins and other high-quality goods imported from Poland, Germany, Italy, Sweden, France, the UK, and elsewhere.

Please visit our online shops at: